specialized recruitment

We intend to be an example to follow for the Society investing on the selection, the reception, the continuous formation and the motivation of our teams.

The continuity and sustainable growth of the Aquinos Group is based on our ability to attract, retain and strengthen our employees.

Thus, at each step of the recruitment processes, they are only considered candidates whose experiences, attitudes and professional expectations are in line with the Group's organizational values.

The Aquinos Group Recruitment and Selection policy does not allow and rejects the differentiation between candidates based on origin, nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or age. This policy also involves placing employees with personal attitudes and professional skills that allow them to develop in the long term.

There is a commitment to its integration, its formation and its continuity in the established projects.

The Group values long-term labor relations, contractual ties and fixed hours, and communication, commitment and proximity to our employees is essential.