Safety, Health, Prevention of Serious Accidents and Environment

our commitment

Wanting to preserve the environment is a constant concern in the exercise of all our activities!


Safety, Health and Environment at the Aquinos Group are non-negotiable and inalienable principles, understood as intrinsic factors in the daily work routine.


We meet the requirements set by our customers and always look for innovative solutions and the best value for money for our products.

We comply with applicable and subscribed legal and regulatory requirements, including those regarding environmental aspects, health and safety hazards and the prevention of major accidents involving hazardous substances.

We have adopted a Hazardous Substances Safety and Accident Prevention Management System, in accordance with legal and regulatory principles, that allows planning, control, change management, emergency response planning, goal setting and taking the necessary measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances and to limit the consequences for human health and the environment.

We are committed to contributing to a Sustainable Future for All!

The sustainability of the Aquinos Group is based on responsible economic growth through the adoption of
practices that aim to reduce costs, use resources more efficiently, increase quality and improve corporate image.

We adopt the practices and methodologies of our Management System and contribute to their improvement to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient resource management.
We value training and awareness raising in order to increase skills and a responsible attitude of all towards the environment.

The criteria for selection of our suppliers based on four pillars that are fundamental to us:




We strive to continually improve our performance, monetize our investments and be recognized as a reference company in the industry by all stakeholders.